With the entry of the Republic of Lithuania to the European Union on May 1st, 2004, customs regulations and EU directives were applied to the common customs area of the Community.
Our company is ready to provide you with services for customs clearance and make customs clearances in Lithuania. This applies to situations where the sender is obliged to formalize a declaration of export for shipment to Russia and the countries of the Customs Union.
In Russia we have our own office and we provide custom services ourselves. We prepare shipping documents, permits, certificates of conformity and other documents in order to get your goods quickly and successfully passed through customs

Our services include:
• Preliminary consultation and assistance in the preparation of foreign trade contracts;
• Selection of HS codes, which determine the rates of duties on imports;
• A preliminary calculation of payments for customs clearance;
• Advising on the risk profile and the probability of price revisions by customs agencies;
• Assistance in obtaining the necessary documentation to confirm to the value;
• Assistance in customs clearance of imports.