If you don’t mind:
• preparing all the necessary goods’ descriptions yourself
• completing numerous permits by yourself
• spending a lot of your time in customs clearance,

Then you are our colleagues! We are working alongside you and we will always mutually cooperate.

But, if you would prefer to:
• not be overloaded with routine work and documentations
• focus on leading and developing your business
• want to put your valuable time to better use,

• Trust the professionals to do the job for you. Welcome!

The company SKY Logistic Solutions has been successful in providing custom services for more than 15 years. We serve our customers by arranging competent customs clearances in Russia in the shortest time possible.
We have extensive experience in the transportation of complex equipment and other goods that require engineering knowledge, numerous permits and special connections.
Our experience and knowledge of all the nuances provides benefits to our customers. We will promptly carry out all the operations related to your customs clearance. By turning to SKY Logistic Solutions, you avoid all those typical unnecessary difficulties in the customs clearance process.
Our experienced professionals with engineering backgrounds and knowledge of many European languages are proficiently acquainted with the technical features of the goods and the procedures for obtaining documents, including the refined technical and legal details.

Why are we better than the others?
Forget about the requirements which other logistics companies put on you! They only want to make their job easier, so they expect customers to provide technical description of the goods required for the proper classification in accordance with the Commodity Nomenclature and Coding System (HS), which determines the amount of customs duties and which permits are required.
SKY Logistic Solutions does not need to ask you these questions - our engineers understand the classifications, they study the technical documentation, make the proper descriptions and prepare all the necessary documents. You don’t need to worry about anything; we will take care of everything!