We offer the fastest arrangement for safe and economic transportation. We provide services for the loading and carriage of goods, unloading and packing, sorting, storage, insurance and customs clearance.

You can with calmly trust SKY Logistic Solutions with the conveyance of goods that require special handling and transportation of technically sophisticated equipment. Having abundant experience, we know how to prepare for and accelerate the customs and transport procedures for any product.

Our work process
Communication with you, the customer, is handled by one of our managers, who deals with your order from A to Z and promptly provides you with all the information you need.
All the work is done carefully according to our standard practice streamlined plan. This allows us to reduce the possibility of mistakes to a minimum.

Third Party Logistics
In addition, SKY Logistic Solutions is engaged in third party logistics (3PL). Your company can completely discontinue the activities of your own logistics division and entrust this work to us.
Our work in logistics outsourcing (3PL) includes working with suppliers, storage of goods, loading, unloading, repacking, labeling, sorting, transportation, documentation and delivery to the customer.

We save you time and money!

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