All services for transporting goods

SKY Logistic Solutions provides complete transportation services. We move merchandise, selecting the optimal mode and route of transport. In addition, we have a warehouse area which handles unloading, planning, loading and dispatch of your shipments.
We also provide custom services. We prepare shipping documents, permits, certificates of conformity and any other required documents in order to get your goods quickly and successfully through customs.
You no longer need to pay for multiple companies to separately solve only a part of one problem - to deliver goods across the border!
Delivery of goods from door to door is yours - care of SKY Logistic Solutions.

Our services:
• Tailored logistics solutions
• Consultations
• Storage
• Intervention in the customs
• Preparation of documentation
• Miscellaneous services such as labeling, sorting, etc

The transportation cycle
On your behalf we'll manage the complete transportation cycle. We will find out the technical details of the product ourselves, obtain the necessary documents, accompany the goods to customs and clear all the procedures.
We will deliver the goods to the customer's door, maintaining the good’s integrity and full legal compliance, with a complete set of documents.

Additional possibilities
We can purchase products for our customer. We work with the supplier all the way to receipt of the goods and the invoice. We can even take care of making payments for purchased goods.
At your request, we can place your goods in our warehouse in Vilnius, where we will handle all the necessary operations including consolidation of cargoes, packing, quality control, etc. We ourselves will prepare all the necessary declarations and sort out the technical details completely to relieve you of the need to think about this.

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