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Making the right decisions - the most important
element in international transportation.

SKY Logistic Solutions understands this.

Transportation logistics, customs clearance, certification, preparation of permits, the organization of cargo transportation and storage for international and national companies ― that's the work of SKY Logistic Solutions. We have something that competitors do not have – a thorough knowledge of the products that our customers are shipping.

Our employees are engineers with advanced technical education and knowledge of many European languages. They know everything about all types of cargo. And more – also how to correctly and quickly produce the documents required by law to transport them.

Principle of work ― full range of services

  • You will be able to more calmly deal with your direct business. All goods transportation work, their storage and the paperwork is done by SKY Logistic Solutions.
  • Your need for logistics and purchasing units in your company disappears. Their functions will be performed by SKY Logistic Solutions.
  • You do not need to buy the goods yourself. We are working with the supplier from the moment the invoice for the goods is received.
  • You will not be immersed in procedures for formalizing dozens of documents.Our experienced engineers are well oriented in the technical characteristics of goods and procedures for the obtaining of documents, as they are aware of the most sophisticated technical and legal details.
    Forget what other logistics companies require. You do not have to prepare the technical description of the goods. We do not ask our customers too many questions; our engineers can make the necessary declaration.
  • Do not worry about the procedure for payments. All stages of the complex financial process in transportation is solved by our experts in strict accordance with applicable laws.
  • Shipping, delivery and storage of the goods will no longer be your headache. We coordinate all the processes, determine the optimal route and time and choose a suitable mode of transport.

And that's not all of the benefits from cooperation with our company.

Only cooperation with Sky Logistic Solutions will allow you to concentrate on your business development!

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